Baby Silicone Mitts Teething Mitten Glove


Color: Blue 1

Blue 1
Finger teether
Green 1
Light green 1
Orange 1
Pink 1
blue 2
green 2
light green 2
orange 2
pink 2
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Feature & Description:
Material: Food Grade Silicone that has exceeded safety testing, BPA free.
Remains comfortable on baby's hand with a secure Velcro strap.
Easy to clean: simply wash with soap and water.
Soft on baby's gums and emerging teeth.
Universal front left and right
Sturdy fit, Easy to wear and take off, Non-slip design

Temperature resistance: -20 ℃ -180 ℃
Fit to baby between 3 and 12 months old
Color: Pink, green, Light green, Orange, Blue

Package included:
1* (sound teether)
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Blue 1, Finger teether, Green 1, Light green 1, Orange 1, Pink 1, blue 2, green 2, light green 2, orange 2, pink 2

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