5 Barrel Curling Wand

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Farasha Beauty

Color: Luxe White & Gold

Luxe White & Gold

Plug standard: UK

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5 Barrel Curling Wand


5 Barrel Curling Wand (Mermaid Waves)

Curl the "S" wave with 5 barrels at the same time!
A beauty household tool with a convenient stand and 5 curling irons in one, which can create stunning mermaid/beachy waves.

  • Unique Five-Barrel design
  • High-quality heater with curling function provides unparalleled heat distribution
  • Temperature control technology
  • 1 switch 2 modes (170°C and 220°C) adjustable temperature, safer to use
  • PTC heating element
  • Release a large amount of negative ions, automatically repair damaged hair, make hair healthier and natural, and hair longer lasting
  • Rapid heating equipment
  • Immediately heats up within 30 seconds

5 Barrel Curling Wand

Method of Use:
  • The hair should be completely dry and combed thoroughly, and the hair should be divided into several strands with a comb before use.
  • After plugging in the power, push the switch to the position you need and heat for about 1 minute.
  • Take a hair strand about 2 inches wide between your index finger and middle finger, and press the curling iron together on your hair for a few seconds.
  • Slowly move from the root to the end, and do exactly the same for the next section of hair.
  • You may need to use hair clips to separate thick hair.
  • After use, let cool for at least 15 minutes before storing.
Keep out of reach of children as they may be a source of danger.
Pay special attention to the external parts of the iron plates, they are very hot and may cause burning.
Avoid touching the skin on the neck or face.
Keep the curling iron closed for up to 10 seconds to avoid damaging the hair.


Max. temperature: 210 °C
Power: 40W-59W
Min. temperature: 80 °C
Material of thermal plate/bar: Tourmaline ceramic
Size: EU UK AU US plug
Voltage: 100-240v (Dual voltage)

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Farasha Beauty


Luxe White & Gold

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