Supabell - Wireless Smart WiFi DoorBell IR Camera

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Now check who is knocking at your doorstep without opening the door to potential dangers. Introducing Supabell™, a Smart Camera Doorbell that will pump up your home security by giving you the power to monitor all of your front door’s comings and goings on your smartphone.


This smart doorbell provides two-way communication with the person at your door along with live video feed for you to see. It connects with Wi-Fi and transmits everything straight to your phone wherever you are, day or night as it is equipped with infrared night vision.

With its motion detection capabilities, it will notify you as soon as someone is at your door. So, you can speak to them and act like you are home even if you are not. This way, you never miss an important visitor or package ever again!

Supabell - Wireless Smart WiFi DoorBell IR Camera

Keep a constant watch over your home and add safety, security, and convenience to your life with Supabell™.

  • One Device, Many Features: When a visitor presses the video doorbell, it starts calling your cell phone until you pick up. You can communicate with the visitor using the intercom feature or you can unlock the door remotely if you have smart locks protecting your home.
    Supabell - Wireless Smart WiFi DoorBell IR Camera
  • Motion Detection: Supabell™ can sense even the slightest movement in front of your door using Passive Infrared Sensors and notifies you in real-time. Choose the detection sensitivity between low, medium, or high according to your need through the smartphone app.

  • Easy Installation: This wireless doorbell is very easy to install and requires no additional help. Its cordless design also adds up to its easy installation and operation. No hassle at all! You can mount it on any flat and solid surface near your door or inside your home as well.
    Supabell - Wireless Smart WiFi DoorBell IR Camera
  • User-Friendly App: Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, Supabell™ has a very simple and user-friendly app. You can choose to talk to your visitors or simply monitor them using the app on your smartphone.

  • Wide-Angle Night-vision Camera: Protect your property with a 166° wide-angle camera and check-in from anywhere at any time. Equipped with Infrared sensors, this camera doorbell works in broad daylight and even nights. The camera can automatically switch the light to ensure a crystal-clear view.

  • Premium Quality: Made with high-grade ABS and Zinc alloy, it is environment-friendly, sturdy, and durable.  It is both waterproof and shockproof so you don’t have to worry about leaving it out in rains or accidental falls.

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