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Everyday juggle between professional and personal life harms your feet more than you realize, resulting in hard and cracked heels.

Callus Remover is a complete kit that can provide the much-needed rejuvenation to your feet. It is equipped with stainless steel micro files that efficiently peel away dry and hardened calluses while being gentle on your skin. The rotating buffing head will eliminate all the dry rough patches without causing any harm to your skin.

Callus Remover has been tried and tested thoroughly, so you can use it on your heels, sole and even on your toes.

Unlike traditional callus removers where you had to put in constant efforts going back and forth with it, Callus Remover is a battery-powered device that is mess-free and easy to use as all you have to do is switch it on to slow speed if you have dry skin or on high speed if you need to remove hard calluses.
The built-in motor will rotate on your desired speed and give you a salon perfect feet in no time.


  • Mess-Free Experience: If you are worried you’d have to do a lot of cleaning afterward then rest assured as Callus Remover is ergonomically designed with a unique technique wherein the foot shavings will not fall off on the ground and get collected inside the head.
Callus Remover
  • Lightweight and Portable: Whether you have to be at a party in an hour or have a special night planned with your friends, getting a quick fix-up is a necessity. Callus Remover is therefore made cordless and can be carried around anywhere. Since it’ll only take a couple of minutes, you can be ready to wear your heels anywhere, anytime.
Callus Remover
  • Time-Saving: Say goodbye to spending hours at a salon to give your feet a makeover. With Callus Remover kit, you can now perform a pedicure at home like this all in one device will do the same job in lesser time and has proven to be cost-effective too.
  • Built-in safety mechanism: With hard calluses, we tend to apply more pressure on the callus remover and sometimes hurt our feet. However, with Callus Remover you won't have to worry about cutting yourself as the device has been mechanized in a way that if you apply too much pressure the motor will stop rotating. This will, in turn, safeguard you from any cuts or scrapes.
Callus Remover
  • Finishing Head: Callus Remover callus remover also comes with a finishing head that can be attached after you have used the buffing head. The finishing head has a smoothening pad that will give you a super smooth satin finish and maintain the texture of your skin.

  • Easy to Clean: There is no need to use water or cloth to clean it from the inside as the buffing head is detachable. After using it, simply remove the head from the device and toss the residues in waste and it is good to go for another use.
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