NeoSkin™ smart Pen

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Perfection awaits. 

The NeoSkin™ Plasma Pen is a revolutionary device that allows you to perform complex skincare procedures, which until now were the privilege of the beauty salons and expensive clinics.


Safe and effective

The NeoSkin ™ pen uses advanced German carbon-ionisation technology which ensures a seamless removal of moles, skin tags, freckles, warts, pigmentation, nevus, age spots and small tattoos, without any bleeding or damaging of surrounding skin. Say goodbye to flawed skin and rebuild your confidence.





"It works very well, zapped the last of my 2 tags a few days ago, and the first 6 or so I zapped are now totally gone, as though they were never there." Jenny W.



Say goodbye to expensive visits to your dermatologist.


What's included?

1 x NeoSkin™ Plasma Pen

5 x Fine Needle

1 x Coarse Needle

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x Manual

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