Pogo Stick Jumper Toys

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Color: Pink

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This is a toy, workout equipment, or extreme sports instrument that allows you to jump off the ground in a standing posture using a spring or new high-performance technology. It led to an extreme sport named extreme pogo or "Xpogo" 

Pogo Stick Jumper Toys


A great first pogo stick that's easy to master and a lot of fun to play with!  You can have a bouncing fun time  

Pogo Stick Jumper Toys

Pogo sticks are like any other piece of equipment, safe if used properly and responsibly



  •  a great toy for kids/adults basic physical skills, and it may be used both indoors and out
  •  the built-in squeaker that makes a funny sound and flashes
  • It supports up to 220 pounds and accommodates children of all sizes. Toys for Christmas are a fantastic present
  • Soft, Durable Foam Base, Strong Stretchy Bungee, and Comfortable Foam Handles
  • It's simple to transport!


  • Three-fold stretch
  • odorless
  • Innovative items for mothers and babies
  • belt with high elastic tension.
  • The handle is non-slip.
  • The thickening and enlarging
  • It doesn't scratch or scuffs any surface.
  • high-quality, long-lasting foam



  • Improving mental health enhances your mood and aids in the treatment of depression
  • increases the power of your cardiac muscles and increases the length of your life aid in the burning of more body fat.
  • strengthened muscles back
  • Consistently keep your balance and steady yourself on the stick.
  • Excellent Leg Workout
  • Increase the power and height of your bounce
  • When it comes to jumping, youngsters get taller


  • Material: Nitrile Rubber
  • Color: Pink, Red, Blue, Green
  • Weight: 940g


Pogo Stick Jumper Toys


  • 1 x Pogo Stick Jumper
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Pink, Red, Blue, Green

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