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Supersonic Hair Dryer - MomyMall
Supersonic Hair Dryer - MomyMall
Supersonic Hair Dryer - MomyMall
Supersonic Hair Dryer - MomyMall
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Supersonic Hair Dryer - MomyMall Black / US
Supersonic Hair Dryer - MomyMall
Supersonic Hair Dryer - MomyMall

Supersonic Hair Dryer

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Say Goodbye Constantly Damaging Your Hair!

The New  SUPERSONIC HAIR DRYER™️ Is Going Viral...

Are you tired of always burning yourself while trying to get that perfect shiny hair?

 Does it seem to take you forever?  Dyson blow dryer

Do you burn and damage your hair in the process?

...Well, you are not alone!

Introducing:  Supersonic Hair Blow Dryer

Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Problem

While most blow dryers on the market can get the job done, they are known to be damaging and very unhealthy for your hair.

Traditional blow dryers could also cause you to mistakenly burn yourself or worse your face, not to mention that it takes forever to get your hair dry with a traditional hairdryer

Our Solution 

 SUPERSONIC BLOW DRYER™ is made of our Proprietary technology specifically designed by our brilliant design team to enhance your hair SMOOTHNESS from the first use while making sure your hair stays healthy and does not get damaged in the process!

You will be amazed by how FAST you can dry & style your hair simultaneously and with ease!

Style & Dry At The Same Time!

Unlike other cheap brands out there, the Supersonic Hair Dryer is equipped with a 100% REAL Advanced Technology that will  STYLE  &  DRY your hair in an instant without having to touch your hair and burn yourself in the process.


For All Hair Types

Supersonic Hair Dryer

With a powerful digital motor for fast drying, and intelligent heat control to help protect your shine. The new Supersonic Hair Dryer is designed to dry and style all types of hair, giving you that beautiful smooth shine to last you for days!

2 Styling Attachments

THE  BLOW DRYER  comes with a powerful 2 styling attachments so you can take your hair from wet to damp to prep for styling!

Glamour Tip: Want to know a beachy waves secret? 

If you're in a pinch and don't have time to turn on iron and perfectly sculpt your waves, you can try this method. Before drying hair, take it into two sections and braid loosely securing at the bottom. Dry braids and when completely dry, finger comb. And voila! You've got natural-looking waves.

Supersonic Hair Dryer

Create Loose Curls Or Waves!

The AirwrapPro Hair Syler harnesses the Coanda effect to wrap hair against the barrel. The 1.6-inch Airwrap Barrel is engineered to create beautiful curls. No clamping mechanisms or gloves, just voluminous curls, and waves!

Supersonic Hair Dryer

Never Worry About Damaging Your Hair!

Our Supersonic Blow Dryer comes with overheat protection built-in so you can dry your hair fast while preventing any hair damage.

 No extreme heat damage-Intelligent heat control measures air temperature over 40 times a second to prevent extreme heat damage while styling.

 Supersonic Hair Dryer Benefits 

  •  Protect Hair From Extreme Damage

  •  Increase Smoothness By 75%,

  •  Increase Shine By Up To 132%

  •  Decrease Frizz & Flyaways Up To 61%

  •  30-Day Money-Back Guarantee



    Q- Does the  Hair Dryer work for all types of hair?

    Yes! we have thousands of happy customers from all over the world who have used our product with no issues.

    Q-Is the hair dryer attachment included? 

    Yes, the supersonic hair dryer comes with 3 attachments so you can style your hair with ease.

    Q-What about returns? What if I don't like it?

    All of our products are backed with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. You have 30 days to return the product if it is defective or not functioning properly. 






kid's & Toddler Size Chart
Sizes Height

3 mos. 18-24 7-13 17 18 17
6 mos. 24-27 13-17 18 18½ 18
12 mos. 27-29 17-22 19 19 19
18 mos. 29-31 22-25 20 19½ 20
24 mos. 31-33 25-28 20½ 20 20½
2T 33-34 28-29 21 20 22
3T 35-36 29-32 22 20½ 23
4T 37-39 33-36 23 21 24



How To Measure 

Chest: Measure around the fullest part of the chest.
Waist: Measure around the waist at belly button.
Hip: Stand with feet together and measure around the fullest part of seat.